Team Bobi

At BobiHealth, we're your dedicated and empathetic companion on the incredible pregnancy journey. Our team, which includes data scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals, works together to provide evidence-based support and foster inclusivity. We're here to ensure that everyone has access to advanced healthcare technology and information, making pregnancy safer and more empowering for all.

Dave Esra
Founder & CEO

Inventor of Bobi AI / ML application. Award winning innovator and retired Army Officer.

Ann Villegas​
Founder & COO​

Author of Becoming a Parent. Senior leader in BioTech.​

Mohit S.
Founder & CTO​

Data Scientist with extensive experience in healthcare application products.​

Disesdi Cox​
Data Pipeline Architect

ML Ops expert. Lead AI / ML Engineer.​

Ken Marriott, MD​
Medical Director​

Emergency Medicine Physician. US Air Force Veteran.​